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July 17, 2024
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Re: Maintenance Craft - PSE Conversion to Career
Updated On: Mar 88, 2014


Re: Maintenance Craft - PSE Conversion to Career

The parties agree to the following understandings and procedures on conversion of Maintenance Craft PSEs to career:

In the Maintenance Craft, duty assignments will be filled in accordance with Articles 38.3, 38.4, 38.5, and the Order for Filling Vacant Maintenance Positions found at pages 280-281 of the current JCIM. After applying item 7.a (Maintenance Transfers) of the Order for Filling Vacant Maintenance Positions, at that point, residual custodial duty assignment(s) shall be filled by offering conversion to career for Maintenance Craft PSE custodian(s).

1. Maintenance Craft Postal Support Employees (PSEs) are confined to employment and utilization in the Laborer-Custodial occupational group. The number of Maintenance PSEs is limited to the percentages contained in the Maintenance Craft Jobs MOU to 10% by District and within that percentage to no more than 5% in maintenance capable offices.

2. The relative standing on the rolls for Maintenance Craft PSE is based on the Maintenance Craft PSE accrual of Maintenance PSE Service Seniority (ref: Jobs MOU item 1.d) which is all time as a Maintenance PSE within their District of employment regardless of installation and any break in service. This standing on the rolls will be maintained by the District office and provided to the Maintenance Craft National Business Agent upon request.

3. After applying items 1 through 7.a of the Order for Filling Maintenance Craft Vacancies, prior to recourse to item 7.b (In-service Register) the residual custodial vacancy will be available for a Maintenance Craft PSE conversion to career, provided the percentage cap on Maintenance Craft PSEs in that District is, or will be, exceeded. a. The Service may determine that a residual custodial duty assignment will be filled by custodial PSE conversion to career even if the District is under the 10% or 5% caps. The Maintenance NBA shall be notified in such an event.

b. Regardless of PSE cap percentages, all Maintenance Craft custodial residual vacancies which occur prior to October 31, 2014 shall result in the conversion opportunity for a Maintenance Craft PSE, including any released from Article 12 withholding.

4.If multiple residual custodial vacancies are available at the same time but not allneed be available for PSE conversion opportunity, the Service may select whichof the residual custodial duty assignments are made available for MaintenanceCraft PSE conversion to career.

5.When the opportunity for conversion to career in a residual vacancy occurs, suchopportunity is offered in order of standing on the Maintenance Craft PSE ServiceSeniority roll in the District of the career opportunity.

6.Once a PSE accepts the career opportunity, the conversion to career into thatresidual duty assignment will occur as soon as possible but no later than on day1 of the second full pay period following selection.

7.If the Maintenance Craft PSE accepting the opportunity for conversion is in adifferent installation than the residual vacancy, the gaining and losinginstallations will coordinate with the Maintenance Craft PSE to provide anagreeable reporting date within the next sixty (60) days.

8.If no Maintenance Craft PSE accepts the opportunity for conversion to career, theOrder for Filling Maintenance Craft Vacancies will continue beginning at item7.b and will be applied until the residual duty assignment is filled.

9.There are no relocation benefits or costs payable for any Maintenance Craft PSEaccepting conversion to career under this MOU.

10.No Maintenance Craft PSE will be required or permitted to resign prior toconversion to career.

11.The parties understand this MOU is applicable to residual duty assignments notbeing withheld under Article 12 and does include those duty assignmentsreleased from withholding.

12.Issues arising in applying the terms of this MOU will first be referred by theLocal parties to the Area level for the USPS Area manager (designee) and APWUMaintenance NBA (designee) meet and resolve; then if failing to resolve at thatlevel, to the Headquarters level. If resolution is not reached the APWU at theNational level may initiate a dispute.

Terry C. LeFevre

Steven G. Raymer

Labor Relations Specialist


Contract Administration (APWU)

Maintenance Division

United States Postal Service

American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO


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